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From start to finish

We started working with the WCC more than a Decade ago…over the years we have seen many variations of the Waikato business awards trophies. First a custom designed acrylic and marble trophy, then Crystal and Custom glass all amongst the contenders. However, in 2007 it was decided a change was needed and with collaboration with Graeme Blake a concept was presented. Our roll was to take this two-dimensional image and turn it into a 3D fully realized trophy. This wasn’t an easy process, it involved many hours drawing concept shapes and projecting them so it could be made. 

Once I was happy with the final shape a balsa wood model was made and presented to the customer. This was quickly agreed to be the new trophy shape. A mould was first made from fibre glass and then cast from Aluminium, from this mould resin trophies were poured the results exact replicas of the desired shape. Two parts per trophy as well as wooden bases made at “Kingwood furniture”. This all then went to the painters, “Chartwell Panel and Paint” for expert attention.

These trophies proved to be hugely popular and are still used to this day, 10 years after their conception.

Although these are currently being manufacture in china to reduce costs. We still proudly do all the final checks and engraving on them.

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