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We started working with the WCC more than a Decade ago…over the years we have seen many variations of the Waikato business awards trophies. First a custom designed acrylic and marble trophy, then Crystal and Custom glass all amongst the contenders. However, in 2007 it was decided a change was needed and with collaboration with Graeme Blake a concept was presented. Our roll was to take this two-dimensional image and turn it into a 3D fully realized trophy. This wasn’t an easy process, it involved many hours drawing concept shapes and projecting them so it could be made. 

Once I was happy with the final shape a balsa wood model was made and presented to the customer. This was quickly agreed to be the new trophy shape. A mould was first made from fibre glass and then cast from Aluminium, from this mould resin trophies were poured the results exact replicas of the desired shape. Two parts per trophy as well as wooden bases made at “Kingwood furniture”. This all then went to the painters, “Chartwell Panel and Paint” for expert attention.

These trophies proved to be hugely popular and are still used to this day, 10 years after their conception.

Although these are currently being manufacture in china to reduce costs. We still proudly do all the final checks and engraving on them.

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    When first contacted with regards to the Lyons trophy this trophy was in quite poor shape. The glider and wooden centre were made from wood and had really aged quite poorly. The customers goal was to bring this trophy into the 21st century and give it the appeal and prestige it deserved as a national award.

    The design changed as a concept was agreed upon into the spiral you see as apposed to the threaded rod look it previous had.

    Once this design was locked in “Protect Stainless” was commissioned to shape and weld the steel, they did an outstanding job. The original oak base was reused and turned into shape by Clive Dyson at “Wood Creations” Then repainted by “Chartwell Panel and Paint”

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      This amazing award was conceived by Jim when he found an oyster shell while walking on the beach. Both Ann and Jim came in to see us with rough sketches, ideas and the Oyster shell. Working with Jim we slowly pieced together artwork proofs and a plan to create this amazing award.

      The Trophy is a Brass Cast Oyster Shell hand made as an exact replica to the shell Jim found on the beach. Nathan Whitehead, an incredibly talented sculptor who works exclusively in this medium, was contracted to process this job. We had incredibly tight deadlines, and trips to Te Aroha with Jim to see the Wax models were very entertaining and inspirational. Nathan’s work speaks for itself. Stunning.

      The Rikaro Lead Crystal Globe used is a stock Emblems product and was a perfect match for this award.

      The Wood is Black Walnut, Kingwood furniture did an outstanding job of sourcing and producing such a fantastic base.

      The Plaque is Digitality printed Plate brass with the following wording.


      To the DUX of the School

      Presented in 2014 by Mr James Bennett

      Staff member 1964-1999, Headmaster 1990-1999

      In recognition of his involvement in 50 Annual Prize-givings and his care for the school for 50 years.

      Once we had everything together, assembly and finishing was done completely in house here at Emblems NZ.

      Unfortunately, Jim Passed away shortly after the completion of this trophy. It was an absolute honour and privilege to complete this award for Jim and Ann.

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